• Tim Robson
    Tim Robson
    Founder + Publisher
    Tim Robson is a lover of today and a juicer of life!  He thrives on meaningful conversations, long meals made with friends and Grand celebrations with quality food and drink.  He most enjoys the days in the MO country side with his lovely wife and 3 beautiful children!

  • Aaron Rozenboom
    Aaron Rozenboom
    Aaron Rozeboom is a Certified Specialist of Wine working at the Brown Derby Wine Center where he specializes in Old World wines and food pairing.

  • Cassandra Bergh
    Cassandra Bergh
    Cassandra Bergh is an aspiring photographer and writer whose hopes for life are to capture moments that people often miss.  Whether it be through words or a snap of a shutter, she loves to surprise people with a different perspective.  When Cassandra isn't at work or church you can find her pounding out poems on the keyboard or pondering the mysteries of life while humming to herself happily.  In pursuit of finding different perspectives her travels have taken her to Mexico, Guatemala, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.  Currently she is working her way towards saving tuition for a Bachelor of Design Degree, majoring in photography in Canada where she lives.

  • George Elerick
    George Elerick
    Author & Speaker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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  • Krista Fogt
    Krista Fogt
    Krista Brand Fogt is an artist, a student of grace, a lover of the simple and the small. She lives with her husband and small son in the forests of northern Idaho, and creates when she can.

  • Paul Killingsworth
    Paul Killingsworth
    Paul is a father, son, lover, friend, chocolate fiend, coffee addict, foodie, and a certified wine sommelier who lives in the Houston suburb, Sugar Land. After working up the restaurant chain from bagel boy to fine dining to wine director, he currently is working for a Texas distributor who specializes in family owned vineyards and wineries. He hates snobs (other than coffee), and hopes to help people have "ah ha!" moments with "wow" wine.

  • Seth Merritt
    Seth Merritt
    My name is Seth Merritt. I graduated from Missouri State University in May of 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in religious studies. I’m interested in writing about sociology, which is to say, nearly everything. I’m excited to start work on my Master’s this fall at UMKC. After I receive my Master’s, my intention is to continue on to get my Ph.D. …somewhere else. I have a long time girlfriend and two dogs that mean a whole lot to me and will venture with me to Kansas City. And I’m really excited to be involved in the BHC.

  • Val Cooley
    Val Cooley
    Raised in mid Missouri, Val Cooley, is the owner and photographer of Val Cooley Photography.  She became a professional photographer 6 years ago.  Her passion began with nature / landscape photography. She lives for the opportunity to head south to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas any time she gets the chance. Val and her trusty dog Hunter usually begin their hikes long before the sun comes up - flashlight in hand, so they can be ready for that perfect sunrise or waterfall shot. The day continues with many trips down unknown roads in search of beautiful scenery, and usually ends with the perfect sunset shot at the end of the day. Her work has been featured twice as cover photos for The Ozarks Mountaineer Magazine, (winning the 2010 Cover Photo Of The Year), The Louisiana Hiking Club newsletter, the Springfield News-Leader, 417 Magazine, and her work can also be found in the halls of the Boone County Hospital in Columbia, MO.  
    Val's passion for photography recently took her to the Middle East with a visit to Beirut, Lebanon. The entire country of Lebanon is a photographer's paradise. She photographed the beautiful ancient Roman Ruins, castles in Byblos and Siada, along with the war damage still left from the civil war.
    Val is now reaching her goal of becoming a journalistic photographer by working for the BHC.

  • Ruth Ribeiro
    Ruth Ribeiro
    A bit of a wanderer, living in contingent habitation between America and the British Isles. Brazilian and Dutch in genes, American bred with a British heart. A fine artist by trade, seeking to craft heirloom artifacts ‘about life’. Having worked on numerous collaborative projects and shows all over the world, using a variety of mediums engaging both in art and community. She seeks to explore the intersection of life and art through spaces, moments, and cherished objects. Preferred mediums are printing, ceramics and sewing. When not making, she can be found biking, homemaking, and discussing practical philology over good food and drink.

  • Simon Nogin
    Web Developer
    Simon Nogin was raised in Saint Louis.  He loves the STL community and the improvements that have come to the region in the last 15 years.  He is currently studying IT Management at MSU and is excited to be involved with The BHC.  He looks forward to travelling after he graduates, but also looks forward to the day he can settle back in Saint Louis.